The Gift of You

You are important and valuable.
The one commodity you have that is most likely squandered is your time.
Literally, You.
You have talents and abilities and you have goals.

I have seen many people complain about not having any time and yet they spend upto 3 hours a night watching television, browsing Youtube or checking out the latest on celebrity relationships and other such things that are not going to bring them any closer to their goals.

This is not to say that those things are wrong, merely that they will not aid one in reaching their goals.

Remember, your most valuable commodity is you.

Those that care about you want your time.
Those that have common goals with you want your time.

And it's not even your time they want.
It is the production that the effort creates.
The attention, and common experience that is the doing-ness of love.
What you have to offer is a great commodity. If you weren't so busy.

Take a moment to consider this:

What do you want, really?

Many will say money, but that isn't really what they want. It's so ingrained in our society that money is the objective that everyone just agrees that it is the prize.
Take out a bill.
Look at it.
What can you do with the thing itself?

Not really much that you can't do with any other piece of paper.

You can only make use of it if you exchange it for something else.

Let's come to an agreement that money is basically valueless in of itself and look at what really is valuable.

How about Purpose and responsibility?

You could definitely use money as a tool to help others but money itself is not real help.
This is the problem with many current US based aid agencies.
They show up and write a check, then leave.

They think they have done something.
However in reality what if what was needed was a blanket?
What if it was someone to talk to?
A shoulder to cry on, or caring hands to help a sick child?

Again this comes back to you.

It seems that we have been made so busy pursuing this misunderstood commodity called money that we now have no time for those things that are really important.

Like you.

Responsibility is often misunderstood to mean blame or fault.

It doesn't.
It is doing what needs to be done in the moment it is needed to make any situation better.
Seeing that the other people in your community are tied to your own future and that of your children.

This is something I see missing. Maybe you see it too.

Perhaps, this can be a reminder.
If you had plenty of money so you wouldn't have to spend the majority of your waking life getting enough to just survive, you might be able to endow others with the greater gift.



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