Some Tools and Dangers revealed from Black Hat

 Here is another post I found in the forums. This describes how to use some pretty advanced BlackHat techniques for... You guessed it, making money.

 Here he is and he get's off rolling.

Start of post:

Default My SEO Blueprint (SENuke, AMR, BMD, Xrumer, Scrapebox)

    I have posted a quick outline of this SEO blueprint in a thread about AMR and people started giving me rep and stuff. It even got reposted by someone. So I decided to polish it up and release to a wider audience in an attempt to snatch some more rep and thanks

    Please read carefully and PM or better post your questions here. I’ll do my best to answer them. OK, let’s go.

    What this guide is NOT about:

        It is NOT about how to pick a good niche
        It is NOT about how to find a good keyword
        It is NOT about how to write and spin content
        It is NOT about how to make a website convert
        It is NOT about how to make money at all

    Basically, it is up to you to do a keyword research and make a website that converts. I’d like to say that good ranking DOES NOT guarantee traffic and even if you get some traffic it DOES NOT guarantee you’ll make any money off it. The most important lesson I put all in caps.


    If you fail there, no amount of work on a website and/or traffic will help you to make money. Period. Do you keyword research. Do not go after a tough competition unless you are ready to do a lot of work for several months. Another lesson I’ve learned is tough competition DOES NOT mean a lot of traffic and tough competition DOES NOT mean big profits. So, pick your battle wisely.

    This guide is about is how to IMPROVE YOUR RANKING IN GOOGLE for a specific keyword using some manual labour and aforementioned tools. I come up with it be reverse engineering some successful (in my opinion) affiliate promotions in Google.

    I do SEO promotion in cycles. One cycle can take anywhere from one day to one week to execute depending on how much time and effort you are ready to put in. I run one cycle per day (excluding Xrumer and Scrapebox blasts) for some promotions but you need to be very focused and ready to spend long hours in front of a computer (like 12 hours per day at least).
    Here are some results I’ve got.

    Case Study 1

    Internet marketing related keyword with 28 million competing pages on less than two years old domain with PR 0. I run 7 cycles total, one per day for a week. As a result site moved from position 250+ to number 8 and now remains there even though I don’t blast it anymore. First page competition is domains with PR 1-4 and thousands of backlinks. I am the only one with PR 0 on a first page.

    Case Study 2

    I used the same domain. I decided to promote a five year old product (one of the tools I use). Keyword was “product name review”. I wrote a 1500+ words review and run ONE promotional cycle only. As a result I am on a page one spot number 7 for this keyword even though I don’t blast anymore. I have the LEAST amount of backlinks among my competition according to Market Samurai. I compete against five year old promotions with thousands of backlinks and exact keywords in the domain name plus PR 1-3.

    Case Study 3

    I promoted recent self-help product re-launch. I bought the last remaining domain three weeks before launch (all other TLDs were taken). I’ve heard .me doesn’t rank very well. Well, probable yes. I optimised the website for “product name”, “product name review”, “product name bonus”. I run three cycles for “product name” keyword only after domain got indexed and I DID NOT blast the domain itself with Xrumer and Scrapebox, only feeder sites. As a result I ranked YouTube video number one for “product name bonus” and the site itself is number 9 for “product name bonus” (possible because .me doesn’t rank well). For other keywords I rank on a page 2. Again, I was competing with affiliates who were promoting this product for four years already. According to Market Samurai a have whopping ONE backlink now and a video has ZERO.

    Here is how one promotional cycle looks like. Feel free to modify it to suit your needs.

    1. Pick ONE keyword you’d like to rank for. Some of my sites target a lot of different keywords but I focus one cycle on one keyword only.

    2. Write and post a keyword optimised article to the money site (OPTIONAL but highly recommended)

    3. Write ANOTHER article, preferably 500+ words to improve your success rate with AMR. I’ll call this article the promo article. Hand-spin the article with the help of TheBestSpinner to 70+% unique but PRESERVE THE KEYWORD. I always make sure article is well spun and can be read by a human. No, one click spinning is NOT good enough, sorry. The idea is to write the same quality article you’d put on your money site.

    4. Write as many titles for the article as you can (THREE as a minimum). Then spin them with TheBestSpinner and combine together so you have a multi-level spun title.

    5. Make a video off the article. I simply use paid version of Animoto and put some free images from Dreamstime together with some key phrases from the article. I then cut Animoto logo with Sony Vegas HD and also add watermark with money site link.

    6. Make PowerPoint presentation and PDF off the article. For PDF I use paid version of Zinepal. Give it a go, it’s very cool. Make sure each page of your PDF and PowerPoint presentation contains links to the money site.

    7. Upload video to YouTube. In description field use your money site URL and some descriptive text preferably containing your keyword. It should look something like this (URL first, then description).

    hxxp://www.moneysite.c0m This is a cool video about keyword. Watch it now to be totally shocked and awed.

    8. Upload both PowerPoint and PDF to SlideShare and Scribd. Again, use URL of the money site in description and add some text (DIFFERENT for each file)

    9. This is a hard part. MANUALLY submit spun version of your article together with embedded YouTube video to the following Web 2.0 sites: Squidoo, Hubpages, Weebly, Wikia, Wetpaint, Wikispaces, Posterous, Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogspot, Bukisa, Zimbio, Skyrock, MyLivePage and any other Web 2.0 site not supported by SENuke that you know. As a minimum I submit to Squidoo, Hubpages, Weebly, Wikia, Wetpaint, Posterous, Tumblr, Zimbio, Blogspot, and Bukisa. Yes, Hubpages, Wetpaint, Wikispaces, Wordpress, and Blogspot are supported by SENuke but I still submit to them manually because... THE KEY IS TO EMBED VIDEO!

    I use TWO links in each article, both pointing to a random page on a money site or to the root of the money site (I rotate URLs using spinner syntax).

    If you have time I’d recommend the following additional white hat submissions. Write three more completely unique promo articles and use one on Bukisa, another on InfoBarrel and the last on Quondio. Bukisa accepts well spun content but they kinda picky. InfoBarrel and Quondio are unique content nazis. Remember to EMBED VIDEO.

    I usually just submit spun article to Bukisa and ignore InfoBarrel and Quondio. However I have Quondio account and I am going to start using it for my blog (they charge one off $5 fee for the privilege to post there).

    10. If you have blog network subscription like UAW or ArticleRanks, post your spun promo article there together with YouTube video. I post to ArticleRanks and set distribution to 250. I’ve tested AMA, MyArticleNetwork, SEOLinkVine, FreeTrafficSystem and they are all crap because they have NO quality control whatsoever. Articles that get circulated in these networks are poorly spun garbage. The only two article distribution networks that have good content that I tested are ArticleRanks and UAW. I receive trackbacks from ArticleRanks blogs and they are mostly 0 PR blogs with good content (no poorly spun garbage).

    Similar to Web 2.0, I use TWO links in each article, both pointing to a random page on a money site or to the root of the money site.

    11. Blast promo article with SENuke to all Web 2.0 sites it supports excluding those you’ve posted to manually.

    12. Take YouTube link, SlideShare and Scribd links and all Web 2.0 links where you posted your article manually and with SENuke. You will use this list several times.

    13. Use BMD to bookmark this list of sites using bookmarking sites that come with BMD (100+ sites). Enable CAPTCHA solving in BMD for this submission. Ping the bookmarks with BMD after you finish.

    14. Make RSS feed of this list and ping it. To save me time I wrote a script that makes RSS feeds from my URLs and pings it. You can use links2rss and then upload a feed to your web hosting account and then ping it with SENuke or BMD. Or, you can use Linklicious paid subscription. I DON’T like Linklicious because they turn all your links into 301 redirects that’s why I wrote my own script.

    15. Use SENuke to blast RSS feed to RSS directories.

    16. Prepare resource box for the promo article. I ONLY use TWO links in the resource box when I blast article with AMR. One is a random URL from the list of Web 2.0 sites I’ve submitted my article to (including video, PPT, and PDF). Another is direct link to the root of the money site.

    I usually write two to three version of the resource box and spin them together using TheBestSpinner. Here is how my resource box usually looks like.

    Discover ways to have great results with stuff nowadays. Grab my [product name review]and discover proper way to do stuff. Simply click here to visit hxxp://www.moneysite.c0m

    [product name review] and hxxp://www.moneysite.c0m are links.

    17. Blast article with AMR. I successfully registered on 3000+ sites and each submission goes successfully to around 1500+ sites. Out of it I get at least 200-300+ auto-approved articles. Some articles get approved later on. I have received trackbacks from AMR submissions even after 6 weeks (it took them 6 weeks to approve my articles). I didn’t pay attention to where I submit and I was kinda surprised to find some of the articles I’ve blasted with AMR approved by EzineArticles

    18. Collect the list of the approved articles. Make RSS feed from it and ping it with SENuke or BMD. Then, blast this feed to RSS directories with SENuke.

    19. Use BMD to bookmark all approved articles on 1000+ shitty Scuttle/Pligg/PHPDug sites. The goal is to have ONE ARTICLE to be bookmarked at least on ONE bookmaking SITE. Don’t try to bookmark EACH article on EACH bookmaking site. It’ll take weeks

    I harvested my own list of 1000+ Scuttle/Pligg/PHPDug sites with Scrapebox. I deleted all the sites that require CAPTCHA to submit a bookmark from the list (account creation is OK, it’s one off process).

    Make sure you DISABLE CAPTCHA and select an option to skip submission if CAPTCHA is detected. Otherwise you will burn through your DeCaptcher credit pretty quickly and the whole submission will take a lot of time because BMD sometimes reports that CAPTCHA is not required for submission when it really is.

    20. Collect all Web 2.0 URLs and article URLs and blast them with Xrumer to 5000 forums. You have a few options here. First is to rotate links to money site, Web 2.0 and articles (I did it on 1+ year old domain). Second is to blast to Web 2.0 and articles (I did it on a brand new domain). Third is to blast to articles only (I did it on a brand new domain too). This is a small 5K blast because it is only one promotional cycle and I do many.

    I haven’t tested it yet but I have a feeling that two Xrumer blasts will be very effective, one to the money site and second to Web 2.0 and articles. I don’t own Xrumer yet so I just order blasts on forums. When I get my own Xrumer I’ll run the tests properly.

    21. Collect all forum profile URLs and spam the s*** out of them with Scrapebox. I used a list of around 60K auto-approve URLs that I collected using various sources.

    22. (OPTIONAL) Use Scrapebox to spam the s*** out of Web 2.0 and articles.

    23. (OPTIONAL) Use Scrapebox to spam the s*** out of money site, if you dare.

    I did both 22 and 23 on 1+ year old domain and 22 only on brand new domain. I didn’t dare to spam the s*** out of brand new domain directly

    If it sounds like a lot of work, it is. But you will get a good diversified link network from the day one. Search around the forum and you’ll see people who take shortcuts are whining their sites disappeared from index after the blast or get deindexed or whatever. This method is all about building a good link network and tools like SENuke, AMR and BMD are just used to save time and manual labour.


        I use one set of SENuke accounts per niche.
        Open as many accounts as you can on 100+ main BMD sites. The more the better. You submissions will be faster and your accounts stay alive longer.
        Pinging a lot of links with BMD takes time. I usually ping everything in one go and let it run overnight while I sleep.
        Don’t worry about your Xrumer/Scrapebox links getting indexed. Let Google find it. It works kinda like drip feed this way. They will and DO appear as backlinks in Market Samurai over time.

~End of the Post

I hope you see some of the writing on the wall here guys.
Most of this I would never do. It is BlackHat.
Literally, Spamming and SEO manipulation. But I hope it helps in a few ways.
I hope you can get some tools that you can use for your campaigns in a good way and understand how this could have worked.
But also know that This set of techniques will probably not work with Google's new system.
Also, I hope you can see that there are a lot of ads out there that are just some guy making money off misdirection and spam.
Don't get into the hype, Find something you can trust and don't shortcut the shortcut.

The world is a safer place when you know what is around the corner.
Make good decisions and while you are at it go look at this option.
 Something that really works without breaking the rules and hurting others to make it yourself.
Almost a secret


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