Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Politics where it doesn't belong

I was reading and studying one of the most exciting things I have discovered in the years of research into energy and alternative power systems when I encountered something that just didn't fit.
One of the sources that I had come to trust to impartially deliver new discoveries had stated an opinion regarding a political agenda of an inventor he was reporting on.
This is such the norm on mainstream media that it doesn't alarm most people but was not to be expected from this source so I had to disagree and make a statement which I will share here in case it doesn't get approved on the site where I wrote it which is here:

My primary argument is that this political bias should have no business in the forum that it was placed.
Regardless of accuracy of validity (which honestly, I completely disagree with) it just should be left out.

The most alarming thing is that for some reason the reporter of technology takes it upon himself to voice a political argument instead of reporting.
 Mr. Keshe has something that will benefit every man woman and child on the planet if realized.
From exhaustive research and watching every video available from Mr. Keshe as well as reading the contents of the forum, most notably all of Mr. Keshe's posts I have heard him repeatedly state that he is not affiliated with or endorsing the government or governmental system of any country.
What he does state is that he is working to release the new technology to all the world and is cooperating with every government.
He is moving forward with considerable counter intention and having to find ways to get this work into the hands of the masses everywhere at the same time.
His interest is in Space travel not politics. All I have experienced from his interviews is a posture of benevolence.

That being said the changes in economy would be irrelevant once the banking cartel are arrested.
This world is run by bankers who have ingrained in everyone the want for and valuation of the apparently scarce commodity therein.
This is changing in the future as the majority gets educated to the criminality of energy education control to keep the masses ignorant of real options available.
Our primary objective should be the non biased release of solutions to everyone of every political standing.
My understanding is that Mr Keshe is not interested in proposing Communistic or Socialist agendas.
But when energy travel and food are free it will free us all from the slavery we are in and allow for real evolution of mankind to reach higher and create more of our lives than the pursuit of money.
Confusion is usually derived from a lack of understanding on some finite point.
American politics will not survive in it's current form.
The tyranny that every other country knows America to exemplify has no place in the future and as such should be understood as a failed corrupt system to be observed as an example of what happens to a beautiful ideal when criminally insane individuals gain too much power over the exchange systems of a country.
Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are far from the standard practice today.
If we went back to it things would start to immediately improve.
The FED is an illegal private criminal organization that has robbed the entire world blind and the group in control of it is responsible for the deaths of millions worldwide since it's inception under President Wilson.
It is these same few Uninformed political agendas that have misguided the people and obfuscated the reality of technology that could resolve all the issues of war and famine worldwide since the time of Nikola Tesla. J.P. Morgan betrayed every person on the planet for his own profit, not once when he retracted funding from Tesla at a critical moment when Wardencliff was nearly finished but also at the helm of the piracy that is now the Federal Reserve Bank.
We have a social responsibility  to remain impartial when steering the attention of large numbers.
It remains true that the only way our race will survive is to learn and teach others primarily to think for themselves.
Secondarily to impart the understanding that on must seek out facts rather than opinion and know the difference.
Our opinions are derived from our understanding and from past experiences that we weigh data against to predict outcomes.
My opinion about this particular article is that these are a few points taken out of context and expanded on by rhetoric.
Which I will have to flatly say has no place in this type of forum.
I appreciate all the diligent reporting up to this point that you have done Sterling.
It is without a doubt a valuable service that you have provided mankind.
I believe a great many love you for it.
But I think you would do well in the future to keep these type of rants to a separate forum or on a blog that is posed to ask questions in an open minded way. Or let others rant and merely maintain an open forum for opinions.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Watts in your wallet.

So I've been very busy the last couple of weeks.
We meaning me and the very cool people who have supported my project "Around the world on 80 Watts".
Have been doing a lot of research. Now for many that means digging through what other people say on the web, but as an advocate of the "Think for Yourself" campaign I personally go about putting theory to the test and duplicate experiments done by others to prove things can be done. For those of you who don't know, that is called scientific method.
So I'll get off my soapbox and report.
The campaign video says, "We found a 130 research vessel in Alaska and we are going to sail it around the world on 80 watts."
I still intend to do that but we may have to get another boat because I don't think we are going to have the funding in time to save that particular boat.
I have found several boats that are equally good for this venture though more expensive and will give updates for that later.

So for the experiments I have been doing.
I found an even better candidate for the charger system based on John Bedini's work called a joule thief.
This little charger is basically silent and charges anything from a AAA battery to a 12 volt car battery.
I have been running many experiments with it with some very promising results.

I have also been doing experiments with electrolysis in water and generating hydrogen.
The reason for that is that nearly any normally aspirated engine can be run on Hydrogen without major modifications.

That being said I have video to demonstrate.

To further this project I am doing a fundraising campaign and fully intend to endorse the sources of the technologies that I discover as well as when possible do interviews of the individuals responsible for their inception.

I think a high quality video production on these alternative energy devices is long overdue and would like to be the one to do it.

So here evolves the purpose of the project and what I think is really going to be the Mission Statement for the production.

"To reveal and demonstrate working alternative technologies and support the innovators that create them."
This really is a huge undertaking and I appreciate all the support I have gotten so far.

For instance the people who have directly funded the campaign on Indiegogo and to the individual who donated the jetboat we have now for sale to further research and production.

We still need a lot more help and you can do just that by sharing the campaign link or contributing, telling your friends, commenting there on the campaign or the Youtube channel or of course here on the blog.
There is so much more to come and I am more excited about this project than anything I have ever been involved in.

What does this meant to you?
I will show all what works and how you can integrate it into your daily lives as well as provide links for products from the inventors and the companies that support them.
You will save a great deal of money by employing these technologies and we get to make discoveries that could change the way we look at energy, transportation and lower the carbon footprint of the entire country.
 These are the Watts in your wallet and our mission statement to you and all that help and tune in to the show.