Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Share your Passion

I often tell those around me to find their passion,
follow their true goals and pursue things that others may tell them is crazy.

How can you know what your limitations are 
if you never challenge yourself 
or if you always follow the rules?

I have been diligently working on a very big project for some time.
The project has opened my eyes in new ways and opened doors I thought shut for years.

It is evident that I am taking my own advice from above.
I am meeting some very interesting caring people through this work and
finally am in a place I feel I have been working toward for a very long time.

I want to share some little pieces of this project with you along the way.
So here are a few clips that will give you an idea of just how cool this project really is.

This is a Logo Reveal for the project. Not entirely finished but as I said this is a work in progress and I am sharing... Here are a few small segments from the interviews in the project.

I hope you enjoy these....There is a lot more to come.
Yours is the future that you create.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Censorship by Algorithm, What are Google and Facebook doing to your world view?

Here is a great talk on TED that I thought so important
and so impact-ful that I feel everyone should see it.
You decide for yourself what is important
or would you rather have the internet providers do it automatically for you?

I think that, is robbing us of who we may want to be.

Sure it is probably mathmatically accurate to the 100th decimal but...

How is a computer program or internet algorithm going to decide for me
when I am ready for that step of personal evolution?

Automaticity is often not the most beneficial way,
in fact I think it can be harmful to us if left unchecked.

Think of this.
How would you feel if there was a proposal
to have all the clicks you made on the internet
and all the posts you made to Facebook,
even the rants on your blog,
plugged in to an algorithm

that made your voting decisions for you?

It could be done, right now, with technology we have.
But wouldn't this make your opinions redundant?
Do you really want those whimsical momentary impulse decisions
and cute cat videos to be running your life?

We all want our opinions to be valuable
and I think this young man in this video makes some very good points.

Thanks again to the speaker and to TED for making this content available.
My Point is, Think for Yourself. Because now there are computers doing it for you.