Saturday, October 8, 2011

Motorcycle and High Aventure

Adventure begins as I work on the motorcycle I plan to ride to San Fransisco.
I bought an old Yamaha XS1100 on Craig's List. It was a great deal but had been sitting for some years and I am still working on it after nearly a week.
It is all going to be worth it though when I get her running.
I am headed to make movies in a bigger way with a great team and a Red Epic camera to sweeten the shots.
We will be staying in a Mansion in Los Banos north of SF.
This all came from getting involved on Twitter. I saw a project I thought was worthy of attention an ingenious Stock footage project with 5k footage with affordable prices. I thought, brilliant, some for a dollar. I could use some 5k footage for a buck.

That was when I met Nate North. A filmmaker with extensive experience in web content and commercial projects.
Deathworld awaits and I'm in the mood for adventure.
Nate got a team together from Forum and we are going to shoot a script from one of my childhood favorite authors.
Harry Harrison is a Grand Master of Science Fiction and I started reading his Stainless Steal Rat series when I was 11.
DeathWorld is a solid story and has had 50 years in print.
I can' t wait to start.
But I have a road trip ahead and a motorcycle to make road worthy.
She is a beautiful motorcycle in her way. Lots of power.
Now I'm down to a gas leak from the tank, a battery issue and a carb that needs to be tuned up to make her run right.
Life is full of surprises and it's how you can roll with them that makes the difference.

We put a really cool Indiegogo campaign together to help fund raise for this adventure.
A Painting of Time, which is an actual feature length art form in it's own right that has to be witnessed to be fully appreciated.
Projects like these to pave the way to making a great feature film make it seem like stepping sones to something really big.
High Adventure I should say.
Thanks for tuning in.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creation of a New Movement

There are many reasons to take action in this world. But one of the most significant is when there is a cause greater than your own personal gain that will bring about a positive change effecting the way the world sees something.
This is the beginning of Streaming Indie.
There will be many more posts to lay the foundation of piggyback for the Filmmaker, musician and the writer, but this is truly the beginning.
The time when the few over-privileged glean financial gain, exceeding that of those who create the content profited from, is closing and we will slam the door on it forever.
This is the purpose of what is started here, and on the social network created some years ago,
but the vision is cast here and now.

Stay tuned for more updates.