Knowing who you can trust

I made some graphics and video with a group some time ago.
I'm not working with them any more, although they never really asked me to do any more video or editing for them. Or really giving credit to all the people that worked so hard in the beginning of the production.
What is rather sad is that a friend put a substantial amount of his own money into this and try as I may to help I was basically undermined by someone who only wanted some weird power struggle.
She eventually destroyed the entire group and I finally left as well.
I warned these guys that she needed to be gotten rid of.
They didn't listen, and everyone quit.

The lesson in this is you need to know who you can trust.
If someone that is not producing anything valuable is demanding attention and vying for control,
eject them from the group.  Make it quick and decisive.
Don't let anyone think it was an accident.
There are people that are damaging to a group.

Well anyway Lesson learned. I'm just sorry to those who lost their investment.
They are still trying to make a go of it though and aren't too hard to find if you want to.
Here's the video..

You are of course welcome to look at the before and after of this show and let me know if you can tell the difference.


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