Amazon money from Black Hat

So there are a lot of things I will be revealing to you. Here is what one Black hat member is doing to use Amazon to make money with Kindle books. He is not a writer, as you will see from his post. If you want the source for this, ask me. I will gladly give credit. But this is from Black Hat so here is his story: 
How I made money with Amazon.

    I hope Karma is paying attention!!!

    I pretty much outsource everything, or 90% at least.

    1. Select 50 good niches - don't waste your time just 
go with your gut feeling.
    2. Find 5-10 free plr books in each niche - 
there is plenty of stuff like that online.
    3. Create 2-3 books in each niche, based on the books 
you have gathered - 
I have one VA does about 1 book per day, and puts it live 
on amazon
    4. Enroll all the books on KDP select
    5. Create an Author Central For Each book, and write 
a stellar description
 - reviews - and all that
    6. Select top 5 performing books and have them made 
into proper books
 - reports - only native speakers, the job its easy since
 the raw work its already done for you
    7. Delete the rest, rinse and repeat
    8. Amazon wont accept plr, but if you combine a few books 
and change some text you will be good at least until you know 
that the book its worth investing money and time.

    A few more things -

    I have bought all the training out there and made my VA 
watch it 3 times in the first month.
    I am already working on sites for the top performing books
    I had 500 subscribers to one of my books - in an awesome niche, 
evergreen and all that

 Use only evergreen topics

    So far I have reinvested all the money back into amazon, 
but now my cost is $0...

    BUT I have 5 bestselling books rank 5.000-10.000

    I have skipped the basic stuff, you can find information 
free online. 
I will try to attach print screen from one of my accounts.

    Random Thoughts:

    The books that are performing well, redo them ASAP
    - after 400 downloads
    Delete the junk books and try again
    Create amazing covers
    When you prepare each book, 
    prepare like you would expect 10.000 downloads,
    don'tjust say "ah I will give it a try, maybe It will work"

    My Costs:

    1. VA - $300
    2. 1 book - $125x5
    3. Websites + domain - $30x5
    4. Aweber - $20/month
    5. Server - $10/month
    6. Buy some reviews from fiverr ~

    My Earnings speak for themselves.

    Not sure I won't log in into all the accounts now 
    (to lazy with the VPN and stuff) but its about $900-$1000 
    for the first month using this method. 
    (April 2012) 
    -so this is fresh info

    I am working on a whole new system for doing this,
     will post that in 1 month if it works.
    Maybe I left a few things out, 
    just because I am on my way out for dinner,
    I want to add that I have a lot of experience with kindle 
    so maybe some of the stuff that I left out were just obvious to me.

    This month I expect to make about $2.000, but will see, 
    I will invest everything back, the end goal for 2012 is to have 30-40 
incredible books,
    rank under 5000.

    If someone has something to add, please do, everything i said here I did 
last month, took me about 10 hours in total to organize all of it.

    I am attaching the print screens I hope it works. 
    They are all from one account I have a few.

    Last but not least

    From here on do all the regular stuff people do to promote their books. 
    But if you start our like this you'll have an amazing advantage.
    Image people actually writing 20 books over the course of 3-4 months 
    and only maybe 2 of them will actually make some money.

    Using this method I skip the other 18 books and focus only on those 2 
    that I know will make me money. I think I managed to speed up
    the process 10-15 times.

    If I was unclear at any point I apologize,
    I explained it as good as I could, 
    if you aren't happy with the info rather than whining about it 
    just press the backspace button see what happens. 

    end excerpt~

    So If you want to try this go ahead..... 

    But there is an easier and more ethical way.
    This is just part one.
    Thanks for reading.


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