Penguin aftermath in the Black Hat workflow

The black Hatters are getting nervous and telling how to go White hat
This is from a forum talking about SEO after the penguin update. 

Member 1 response:

"Penguin is a fight against all existing forms of webspam including link spamming/ trading, aggressive overuse of exact match anchor text, submitting to low quality article/ blog directories etc.

So make sure:
- You have variation in your anchor text
- You are not buying/ exchanging links
- Your website is compelling enough to pull natural backlinks
- You have no over-optimized on-page element

Other than that:

- Stick to white hat, legitimate SEO work
- Stop any other kind of webspam you were indulged in"

I liked the truth in this one from member 2's response.

" Interesting thread - I have three new sites on the go and I am mainly doing things the whitehat way now (for fear of getting slapped).

Here is my day to day actions:

I set up Google news email alerts for my niche. As soon as the alerts come in, I head over to the sites listed and if I can I leave a decent comment. For the website anchor text I use a mix of my name or keywords I am targeting, or a naked URL. I then make a note of each anchor text to make sure that no keyword has a density over %50

I create web 2.0's, but instead of building them using automated tools with spun content I am actually putting in a bit of effort to make small sites. I don't create single page web 2.0's. Instead I build each one into a micro site by creating a few posts with news quotes on the niche with a little intro and summary text around the quote. I also post up videos and so forth. When they get to four five pages I leave them. So not a mammoth amount of effort, maybe 2-3 hours each.

I do the same for wiki's to as I do with the web 2.0's.

Next is social stuff…
Previously I would do hundreds of bookmarks each time with sick submitter or fiverr. Now instead I have a facebook page that I create for each site. I also have bookmark buttons in my browser for stumbleupon, pinterest and delicious which I use for every post. I get a few fakes on the facebook page and then slowly you start to see others like and subscribe (one way of helping this is find pages in a similar niche and start posting to there wall).

I then set up the posts in socialadr. Socialadr is good as its real users who submit your site to decent bookmarking sites (like delicous).

Finally, if I can, I create a subreddit for the niche. You can then post your posts in there, but I mix them up with posts from other sources too. Being that you created the subreddit, you also have moderator rights, so you can place a contextual link into the sidebar.

It’s taking longer then before to work this way, but my hope is that out of these I might end up with an authority site or two which could become something that banks a bit of money.

Don't get me wrong, I am no do goody whitehat SEO type. I am a lazy git who would prefer to just automate my SEO efforts, but I am just too nervous to do that. I have two good sites which are blasted out beyond 1000+ through automated efforts, so instead I am just going to keep slowly building each day until we are sure of what works."

These are the guys that know what they are doing and even they are "going Natural" (to a point)

I hope this helps.
Many are just reading this and wondering what it all means.
You can find some really good training out there, also I have links to some great tools on this blog.
It really comes down to time or money.
You will have to invest in one or the other.

Thanks for reading.


  1. That's okay, Rob. I suggest you focus on ways on how to turn your weaknesses into strengths. :) Anyway, Google is really strict when it comes to quality guidelines & violations. As you can see, Google is coming up with different ways to stop spamming like Google Penguin, which I find effective. As a white hat wearer, all you need to do is to follow what the Google says. He's the boss around here, you know. Hehe! Kidding aside, I commend Google for making the “four basic principles”. I suppose, you're aware of this.

    Darryl Tay


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