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Here is another post from the Black Hat.
This member gives some insights that I feel are valuable to any business or individual that wants to understand profitability and perspective for success.

Hey all,

A lot of people know me from my SEO business I do (did) on the side. I ended up selling it to a local, larger SEO company. They purchased it mainly for the contracts, which was the main scope of the business.

But I digress. I want to really get into the nitty gritty and treat everyone here at BHW to some good, solid business growing advice.

While I haven't talked about it much, mainly because I have been greedy, I have been in Real Estate investing for a good number of years now. I got into it because my uncle, who lives in California, introduced me to it. And thank god he did, because I don't know what I would have done without it. Not only have I made a sh!t-load of money with it, but it taught me the skills required to have incredible, sustainable growth in nearly any venture I have undertaken.

I would like to ask you all a question. What separates you, from the "1%"? Really, what is it? Most people don't know. And even worse, it isn't some "big secret". Everyone I have spoken, virtually everyone anyway, has always stated that it is "luck" to get rich.

Really? You serious?

HELL NO. True success is never luck. No fortune, I mean a true fortune (billions) has ever been made by luck and luck alone. I even saw an article on CNN about how the mega-rich are where they are at because of luck, timing, and "good fortune". What a way to dumb down the masses.

For instance, look at Donald Trump. He got rich, went bankrupt, got rich again, went bankrupt again, and get rich all over again! That's right, from 0 to billions, three times over.

How did he do it? Most people know it involved real estate, but real estate is simply a vehicle, a tool if you will. You can take any market, anywhere in the world, and become rich. That is the dead truth. But how? Ready for it? Here is the big "secret".




Get it? That is it. Setting the Standard.

Look at Henry Ford. A lot of people say he got rich by using the assembly line. Creating it, if you will. Alas, most people don't realize the the assembly line was already invented when Henry Ford went into business. He just used it on a much larger scale. But, I digress.

A lot of the car companies then, over 50 at the time, were targeting the rich, the elite class. After all, they were the only ones that could afford the vehicles they were selling. Alas, Henry Ford had a different idea.

Just like now, the elite were in the 1%. The mega-rich. Not very many of them, are there? After all, it's just 1% of the population!

He asked himself, "What if we could target the middle?" Problem was, there was no middle. In the late to early 1900's, there was no middle class as we know it today. There were the rich and the poor. That was pretty much it! So Henry Ford did what was considered at the time to be the unthinkable, something that would put him into financial ruin. He paid every single worker he had a $5/day minimum wage. The minimum wage at the time was much, MUCH less than that.

Everyone thought he was crazy! But what happened? He sold 700,000 cars, Model T's to be exact, within the next 730 days. 2 years.

You see, by paying his workers a good amount of money, and using strict policies about the business is run (assembly lines, marketing policies, etc.), his employees could AFFORD to buy a new car! When people are paid more money, what happens? They spend it. Simple.

He created the standard, and made a bloody fortune doing it.

Now let's look at Steve Jobs and Apple. He made a killing by creating a standard now didn't he?

Microsoft, Bill Gates? He made the standard. Windows is on 95% of all desktops in the world. That's a standard.

No true fortune has ever been made without setting a standard. Did you know that the family of the gentleman that invented road reflectors (the kind that are in the asphalt) are still being paid royalties on every single reflector manufactured and sold today? He created the standard.

Now, a standard isn't necessarily an invention. As stated earlier, you can create a standard in any business, whether service or product/manufacturing based. Let's think about service.

Dominoes offers a product, but they got famous and turned into a huge chain because of a standard the created on the SERVICE side of the business.

Delivery in 30 minutes, or it's free!

Woah, talk about a standard! I am short on time, I need a pizza now! Dominoes it is.

Dominoes nearly tripled their revenue within 90 days of introducing this standard.

How about 7/11? They created a standard. And got totally rich.

You see, it never fails. Create a standard and success is inevitable.

Now, there are 3 ways to create a standard.


Those are the only 3 areas where a standard can be set.

A great example of a company that set the standard in all 3 areas, and completely dominates, is a site we hold very dear. Google. Ok, so maybe we don't like google per say, but they did set a standard. I will let your imagination roll along on the "why" and "how". Quite simple to figure out.

Another one would be, say,

None of these sites are so powerful today because of luck or good fortune, or timing, or anything else. All it took was setting the standard, and making sure people knew what the standard was, ie: marketing.

Another thing I would like to share here that might piss some people off, but any serious marketer will tell you this. INTERNET MARKETING DOESN"T EXIST.

That's right, I said it.

Marketing was pretty much perfected long before most of us were born. Marketing never changes, just the medium.

There is such a thing as marketing on the internet, but not "Internet Marketing".

The methods used for altering the viewpoints and mindset of a human being's mind will always remain the same, however the medium will constantly evolve.

Set the standard people. Once you do this, success will fall into your lap. Never chase the money, create the money. Chasing money is a waste of fucking time. Why do that when you can attract the money to you?

Let's look at another aspect here.

I want to point out the importance of connections.

If you make even the smallest connection you are going to look at things totally differently. Just a small tweak in your perception completely changes the way you think and the types of questions you ask yourself.

You see what we actually do is determined by what we think, and what we think is determined by the types of questions we ask ourselves.

And lastly the questions you ask yourself are determined by what you know.

So your knowledge determines what questions you ask, which determines what you think about, which ultimately determines what you do.

Make sense?

The Answer Lies In Knowledge.

So if you make a simple adjustment in your knowledge your entire world changes. Just by changing what you know you are going to be able to change every aspect of your life.

Making even the smallest "connection" will enable you to do amazing things, and all you need to do this is the right kind of knowledge. You don't need an abundance either, it can be very small, very specific knowledge, but it can lead you into a totally new direction.

The key here is understanding the importance of knowledge and how it filters down and changes your life by first changing your mindset and then the actions you take as a result.

Knowledge is the key, why? Because it works backwards to affect everything we do.

For example...

If I told you to go to Rome right now, what would you say?

If I said I need you there within 48 hours, go now.

What would you do?

Would you get there?

Probably not, right? Or at least not without asking me a whole bunch of questions first and wanting me to pay for the trip, right?

You would undoubtedly give me a thousand reasons why you just don't have the time, or you just don't want to go, etc.


Because you have no compelling reason to go. You are asking yourself if you should go and you just can't come up with a solid enough reason.

What if...

I told you there was $100 million waiting for you but you had to be there within 48 hours.

What do you think now?

Now you are going to get there, right? If not, then you are in the wrong place and you need to stop right now.

The rest of us would be there, wouldn't we? Without a doubt, no matter what it took you would find a way to Rome.

But why?

Why now all of a sudden are you jumping at the chance to get to Rome whereas a second ago you couldn't possibly make it?


All I did was change your knowledge.

You see once you knew that the money was there the question you asked yourself completely changed. I gave you a compelling enough reason so when you asked yourself about getting to Rome there was no question of "if" now it is simply "when" or "how".

I gave you a "why" not a how. I will get much more into these two words, "how" and "why, later for now just know that "why" is always more important than the "how".

So instead of asking how to make more money in your market you need to be asking "why" and when you have a compelling reason you will find the "how".

Like I said I will get more into that later, moving on...

So now you know that having the right type of knowledge changes your entire mentality and what you do.

So to start building your real estate business all you need is the right knowledge. Once you have this knowledge you will start asking better questions which will change what you do.

You will know more and ultimately be able to do more.

I don't mean work more, I mean get more done. Get more done, make more happen with less time and effort.

Make sense?


"Here Is What You Need To Know!"

So now you understand the power of knowledge and how the smallest piece of information can mean huge leaps for you.

What I want you to do and what all of my information is based on is the idea that you conquer your chosen market. You want to run a business so smoothly and so solidly that nobody can effectively compete with you.

My guess is you are not anywhere near that right now or you wouldn't still be reading this.

So how are we going to make this change from where you are to where you want to be?

You must change the way you think. Remember this is controlled by your knowledge, because once you get the right knowledge you start thinking totally differently. So, again, to change your thoughts, words, and actions we need to change your knowledge.

~End of his post.
If anyone wants me to credit this post, post a comment here and I would be glad to send you to the original thread.
This kind of advice is a great place to start and quite honestly I was surprised to find it in the Black Hat forums.
Watch for the next post to see where he goes from here.


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