White Hat Black Hat Sales Psychology and You

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An excerpt from Samara Pope’s forthcoming book – “The Sales Psychologist –The Greatest Secrets of Ethical Psychological Persuasion Applied to Sales”
This is what drives the world and is the basis of all motivation, all human behavior and action. Every person in this world is constantly involved in doing something and working towards attaining whatever it is that they believe they need, but don’t have, which will make them happier and better off, or otherwise, will prevent unhappiness or negatively perceived events.
While some are encouraged by the idea of working to achieve more happiness and wellbeing, others are motivated to work to prevent unwanted occurrences.
This is an important point to remember when trying to persuade and motivate others because not everyone will be motivated by the same thing. Some people move towards pleasure and positive outcomes, while others move away from pain and negative outcomes.
This is the theory behind ‘the carrot and the stick’ approach that recognizes that the pleasure of having the carrot may not be enough of a motivator for some, hence the pain or fear of the stick needs to be applied as another motivator. With this new insight, you may now understand why some prospects may not share your positive enthusiasm for the benefits of your product or service because not everyone is motivated by benefits.~

There is a lot of different sales psychology out there and I agree with the need to diversify in your tactics to actually convert interest to action.
What many miss is the ability to just tell people what to do.
What one has to gain first is conviction.
This starts with a complete understanding that what you are doing is the very best thing not only for themselves but for the person they are dealing with.
Now, right now click on the link and look at something you need to see.

It doesn't really matter if you are in something and are sure it's "the deal".
This will help your other business as well.
Just click on the link.

Learn real sales psychology.
Real tactics to help you and your sales.

If you are not making as much as you need to keep afloat then you need a change.
Not just your job but possibly the whole way you look at getting and securing finance.

If I was just trying to make a buck I would be doing black hat techniques outlined in many of the forums I have been researching and scamming more of you out of the money you are working so hard to obtain.

I will not do any such thing. It has to be something that benefits the consumer or I won't do it.
I have worked too long to create the system I have built to waste it on a quick hit that burns everyone else.

I too, have been burned in the past.

Here is an example:
That is a link to a site that trains hackers.
One of many I have found. This one is actually one of the nicer ones.
There are a lot of malicious people out there trying to get at your wallet.

I will disclose more info here about tricks and techniques that are used to help you keep from falling into them yourselves.

There are some very good legitimate ways to help others and make money for yourself.
The truth is there is actually a lot more money in helping others than shafting them.

One can generate what is called a residual income from legitimate business and not have to constantly find a "new deal".

Feels better too.

If you want a real business that will do exactly what I described and it was almost a secret.

Stay tuned and I will expose here free what I have found is being done to make money online.
These guys will capitalize on any weakness they can find.

Make sure it not yours!

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