Dad, The Missing Person

Sitting here by the pool watching my son play in the water,
I was talking to another guy here at the hotel.
He brought up how it was good to see me spending time with my kids.
I got to thinking about the statistics here in America.
The average is less than 30% of kids here in the US have two parents at home.

Usually it is the father that is MIA.
Where are all the men?
It seems that one of the most needed and yet absent things in a child's life today
is an example.

What gives me that idea is when I see the difference between the way my own kids look
at the world and are able to make decisions for themselves.
This is not necessarily only because of something I taught them but that they have in me
someone to look up to.

I am an affectionate father, hugs every day, and always get the

"Love you too Dad"
at the end of a phone conversation.

One of the most treasured roles that I have ever played has been "Daddy".
The name my daughter still uses for me.

Yet I am saddened to find these above mentioned statistics.
I understand the way the world has driven people to covet money as the highest goal.
I have mentioned that in a previous blog.

You can tell where a man's heart is by where he spends his time and his money (resources).
A man is measured by his own deeds.
Measure for yourself men and women reading this, if you are dissatisfied with the evidence
then it is very simple to change.
Maybe not easy, but simple.
There are some very good tools that you can use to improve your own conditions in life
and some that I have found I will be sharing here.
If money is running your life then,

Maybe the solutions you think you have, are not as good as you thought.
You have today, this moment and every moment that follows opportunities to make things better for not only yourself but all who you contact and see your example.
That I think is the most vital and missing thing in this world.
An example. Men, women, neighbors friends, people.
For this father's day I wish upon you all the power to make a good decision.
Be a good example and earn the respect of those you interact with.


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