Keep your eyes on the mountain

In this world it is easy to get distracted from what is important.
You can get overwhelmed easily when the world seems to be 
deliberately trying to crush you out of existence.

The way I keep my head up may not work for everyone.
But it works for me.
I have struggles just like you. Maybe your situation is worse but maybe not.
That isn't really the point.
The point here really is that when life throws you and you feel overwhelmed
there are some things you can do.

First, you have to realize that
 the wrong thing to do, is nothing.

I liked it when Obama said ~"The youth that refused to accept the myth of apathy."

Whether he wrote that or you like him or not is of little consequence.
This resonates with what I am saying.
Apathy is when the person cannot get themselves to act.
In their own defense or any other way.
They are ready to succumb,
 and be eaten by the monster.

Here is something that comes to my mind when I have to deal with
something that seems too big to handle or overcome.

Keep your eye on the mountain.

I was a guide in Alaska for some years and had to
keep my head when things got difficult.
I remember one time I was with a small group of people
and I let them go off the trail looking for berries.
(They were very good berries)

Anyway, we got really far off and had a great deal of berries but
 none of us had any idea where we were.

Everyone started to panic and they all looked to me when I shouted for them to get their attention.

There in the silent panic I had to find a solution.
I looked skyward and just caught a glimpse of a mountain through the trees.
Calm ran through me like cool water.
I knew where we were and I knew how to get us out.
In a confident voice I said, "Follow me." and started walking at a good pace toward what I hoped was the direction of the car.
Sure enough, as I got to a place where I could see more mountains
I knew exactly where we were and led us safely to the car.

This is exactly what I do when things get crazy,
 I stop, look around and survey everything I can about where I am.

 Then I look for the mountain.

That is, something stable that I know will guide me to where I want to go.

One thing that you can hold for certain as a bedrock for building your future
is a goal that means something to you.
This is not about money,
 although I recognize that it is probably part of the program or plan you will need to accomplish your goal. This is about something that means more to you than sleep or showing off at the club.

Something that when you look at it you can't help but say.....Wow!
This is the only thing that I know that is visible through the dense forest or urban jungle of life.

If you can keep your eye on the mountain you will have more of a chance to make it.

That is what I want for you.

So get yourself a goal, make a plan for attainment.
Eliminate distractions and overcome barriers
by keeping your eyes on the Mountain.


  1. Hope it's okay but I've used your photo - if not tell me and I'll delete it!

  2. Hey Rob...Just a heads up that I've used the photo of you on the mountain top in a blog post (killer photo!). I've linked to this post on your blog and gave you photo credit at the bottom of the post:

    If that's not ok, let me know. Thanks in advance...

    Brody Dorland

  3. The pic from this post is from
    citation is belated but honest and I love the pic too.
    If anyone can help me find the photographer I would greatly appreciate the source so I can give them cred for this awesome work....


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