Crystal cell adaptation and uses.

I had a great time on Midnight In the Desert last night and would like to thank everyone that participated. There were also some great questions from the listeners.
I promised one of you that I would post this video here and it is very interesting.
It is a use of an adapted crystal cell into a prime mover.
Take a look.
Leave a comment if you are interested in development and showing support for this man's research.
At the very least, I find the idea interesting.


  1. Rob -
    It was a great show. I wish you could've talked more about 9/11 as it is being suppressed in even the "open minded" shows like this! Looking for an email address to send you some of my ideas.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks Bruce. I really enjoyed the show as well.
    It's alright with me to stick with whatever the host wants. It is their show and I am interested in being a guest. I think manners are important don't you?
    the opportunity will come sometime to go into a lot of different subjects and there are others that have spent more time than I have on that topic.
    Speaking of which, have you looked into the video I posted here or any further progress on your own work?

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