Work in Progress

If you notice by checking the dates, you will see that it has been some time since my last post.
To say that I have been busy would be both an understatement and just a casual brush off of the subject that keeps me away from posting any blogs of late.

So, as you know if you have been following me any time at all I have been working on different energy systems and doing a massive research effort to find any relevant data on the subject and sifting through mountains of crap to find the little nuggets of helpful information.
I have been spearheading a campaign for "Around the world on 80 watts", to little or no avail on the internet...
Well, I am not giving up but I am using what I have found to tailer the campaign to a cause that others can get behind.
I am developing what I call "Recycled Continent"
This is a repurposing and green operation to recover the accumulated pastic in the ocean and accomplish what I had set out to do befor in the earlier campaign.
Of course a trip around the globe would have been fun but hey, who am I to argue with the silence I got for that idea.
Still working on delivering a technology that will bring some real change. I am going to make an announcement of epic proportion that could influence the lives of everyone that owns a car and spends too much on fuel.
This is going to be something really for the people so profit is not a factor in the project.

I met with Michael Tellinger from South Africa.
He has a project called Ubuntu that you should take a look at.
Though I may not see exactly eye to eye on everything that he says, he does present a good argument and I think him at the very least a studied well rounded individual and kindred spirit in our mutual desire to make improvements in the state of living on this planet for mankind.

If you are interested in epic stories then you may just be at the beginning of just that.
Right here on this blog.
I will tell this now though.
I have been working on designs for several types of systems to accomplish locomotion and power generation and have some results..
I will be sharing more than just results here very soon.

I have released a video I call "Work in Progress" because it is just that in many ways.
There are some ideas related in the video that will lead the right person to an over unity system.
I am not giving any secrets there, merely showing what others have done and demonstrated on Youtube and put them together in a cohesive unit.

The purpose of this video is to communicate with some others some of the possibilities instead of what is traditionaly thought and to help shift the paradigm and thinking in energy.
Also, of course to get interest in the project and raise funds for the On 80 watts campaign.

It is longer than I recommend and is really a rough draft of a video but contains a lot of data I think important to communicate to others.
So, until next time...
Thank you for reading my blog.


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