Winds of change

Things are different.
I am getting the project under way and focused my energy entirely as I am prone to do.
I have some very exciting developments that will
blow away everything
that has ever been introduced to the field of Hydrogen production.
Thinking in terms of correct order of magnitude for running a 20 liter motor, I have developed a new method that I predict will produce not 10 liters a minute...
 but 80 psi constant through a 3/8 inch pipe of pure hydrogen from water.

 In the process I created an new water heater that will be almost 99% efficiency in running and make all the hot water on demand that you could need for showers dishes and even a radiant floor household system.

Electricity is next... I will have the system mastered after we get the prototype built.
Batteries that hold a constant load that never need to be charged and weigh less than 20% of current car batteries.
Of course, investors are in the wings, waiting for something that is working, running and proves what I am saying but no one quite knows just what I am up to yet.

So what I have developed so far and will be building this week (or as soon as I get the parts from order)
1.A simple system to get any car to get over 100 MPG on gas or diesel.
2.The water heater that runs at over 90% efficiency.
3.The basic Hydrogen system that will be a template and be the game changer that will force all in the field to stand and take notice.
This system will run thousands of Kilowatts without question.
Just add tap water....
 Why do things the same way everyone else does?
They have shown what is possible with those systems and that doesn't resolve the real issue.
Next, I will develop the battery that will change how portable power is thought of by the entire world.

Special thanks to John Bedini and Tom Bearden for what I have learned...
There are many others that helped me gain real understanding.
Peter Lindeman, Lidmotor, Lasersaber, Dodoshlo and Kubikop...Water4Gas, Dadhav, TheOldScientist etc...
Most of all, Nikola Tesla for his tireless curiosity and many patents for reference and theory.


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