Panic Attack to the Pineal

A few months ago I started having what I thought was serious health trouble.
The symptoms all pointed to cardiac trouble.
Literally like I had suffered a heart attack.
I was understandably alarmed.

For those who know me you can relate, I have never had any trouble with my health, always had low blood pressure and flexibility, have been athletic and strong.

I went through a period of three days where I couldn't sleep.
I literally felt like I was dying and my heart and breathing stopped every time I started to drift to sleep.
Three days of this and I was delirious.
I had to do something so I had a friend drive me to the hospital.

They did the battery of tests and were quite amazed when the machines all went off as I started to drift off to sleep.
Breathing and heart stopped just as I had stated.
The nurse literally came in and asked what I was doing. Thinking that I was messing with the machines.

They kept me for three days.
They did the full battery of tests and found absolutely nothing. There was no scar tissue or cholesterol blocking my arteries no high blood pressure and under stress my heart acted normally.

It was beneficial for me to know I was under observation and I was finally able to sleep.

At the end of my three days I was diagnosed with "Acute anxiety disorder".
Honestly I was more than a little offended. I have always been level headed and I knew too much about the industry for them to prescribe me with drugs for this made up diagnosis.
They call it a disorder because they can't find any biological reason for it.
So make even more money for the drug companies by covering a symptom under a drug induced fog.
I obviously had no interest in being involved in this nonsense so went about my own research as I am prone to do.

I found some astonishing things.

There is a little known and even less understood gland called the Pineal gland.

If you click on the link there you will see in the article that the calcification of the pineal gland is correlate with the accumulation of Fluoride.

This got me looking through many forums with hundreds of people talking about the same symptoms I was suffering without resolution.
I found out what Flouride toxicity was and that it attacked the Pineal gland more than any other part of the body which is connected to melatonin production and the sleep cycle.
This drew my attention and really got me thinking about what I had been doing differently that may be increasing my exposure to flouride and what I might be able to do about it.
In one of the forums a member was asking others what the doctors were prescribing...a list that I will not share due to the profit nature of drug companies and the above clarification, however one of the things mentioned was Inositol.
This chemical compound is know to help in cases of panic attack and OCD as well as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

What I find to interesting is that the earlier prescribed drugs for these medical issues was actually found to make them worse as in the case of lithium as is it is a SRI which is actually one of the symtopms that Inositol helps the body with re-uptake of Seratonin. and the overall production of melatonin and function of the Pineal gland.
I found the Inositol with Choline which helps in the building of the cell structure and tissue health.
This is the product that I used Choline and Inositol
Now I am not saying that this is a cure all but the evidence for me is that when I started taking Inositol it was about a week for my symptoms to reduce and after about a month I was completely symptom free.

I also stopped using tap water in my coffee and bought bottled or filtered water from the vending machines  for cooking and drinking.
It may be found in the near future that Flouride is the cause of many of these ailments because the Pineal gland begins to be more understood.
It is also corollary that the material that makes up the ovaries is similar to that of the Pineal and may be the connection between the benefit of Inositol in the studies to both and the detrimental effects of Flouride for many of the body's functions regulated by the Endocrine system.

If you or someone you know is suffering from these problems share this information with them. It really helped me and I could find no other source that compiled this data in one place.

The key thing is to keep yourself informed and think for yourself.
It is after all your body and you should know what is going into it and what those chemicals do how to avoid them and some options for remedy.


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