The evolution of a project, Being open to greater possibilities

You may have seen the post I made about "the Colter files" with the video I posted here.

 I have to admit it was still a little rough.

The project now has evolved into something even more exciting.
We already have 18 interviews shot and many more people are getting involved.
What we realized was that this subject is bigger than we thought or could see at first.

We could have stuck with what we were doing and kept the project small
That is the danger with a topic of this sensitivity.
We decided not to get in the way of it and now the project has grown beyond us.

Project "wEVOLve" 
 is born and we are more excited than ever.
This weekend I am recruiting more editors to help and will be making new graphics
and a teaser for the project.
We will be launching a crowd funding campaign to increase awareness
and get some resources for post production and production
 of storytelling short film to be included in the documentary.
Think of a parable but in video.

I believe that art is only as good as it communicates.
That is what drives me to do what I do and I love it.
So stay tuned and I will keep you updated here with the exciting story as it evolves.

  Inciting personal revolution.



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