Frailty and the need for confront

The world is full of daily problems for each of us to deal with.
The greatest of which is that we ourselves often can't see how we ourselves can really make positive change.
The limitations we place on ourselves are really the only thing in life that truly limits us.  
You yourself right where you are, have the power to change any circumstance.

 What will stop you, is literally you.

Now I know you have probably seen the hype out there and the "motivational" Ra Ra.

But I want to give you some tools here that can actually use to a noticeable effect.
When you get overwhelmed there is a great way to get out of that fog of feeling hopeless. I would start with two things, a simple exercise really.
First: Take a walk. Walk around the block where you are and look around.
When I say look around I mean really look, look at the trees and bushes the rocks and cracks in the sidewalk.
Keep walking and looking until you actually feel better, and you will.
The second thing is :
Put order into the things you have to do, by concentrating on just one thing at a time...
Write down the things you have to do, select the one that you can actually do right now all the way to completion and... Do it.
 Once that first item is done.
You then find the very next thing you can do right now, and do that. Remember, The thing to focus on here is that you get something done.
 Done means you can sign it off and put no attention on it.
 If there are things you cannot do right now don't put them on the top of the list.
The next thing we need to understand is how to program something that will take several steps.
 Let's take a look at how to do that.
 First write down what the finished project or product will look like.
 Then take a real look at what it will actually take to get it DONE.
 Step by logical step, working from what needs to happen to get started and then what needs to happen right after that.
All the way to the complete end product.
(Which means something valuable that can be exchanged)
Anything can be accomplished with an understanding of what the steps are.
The thing that I find useful to remember, is that as long as I myself decide to be responsible for whatever I need to do I can get it done.
The only limitation on you is the willingness to confront.
Confront is looking at the thing, as it is where it is the way it is.
This is often harder than it may seem just looking at these words but you can do anything you actually apply yourself to if you just know "What it is."
 I hope that helps.
 If you are interested in more of this leave a comment and stay tuned here.


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