What you think you know is keeping you where you are.

I’ve talked to many people about many things.
What I have seen is that the people that do something different are the ones who realize that they don’t already know.
The ones that think they already know never learn.
I’m sure you’ve seen it in others. They ask a question and then think over the top of what you are telling them.
It is frustrating to work and drive past the misconceptions of others.
There are many things in this world that I don’t know. The difference is that I know that I don’t know and I am always listening to someone that does know and it is evident in what they have and do.
You may be very intelligent. You may know a lot. but you can’t know everything and the best place to be is open to someone that is willing to teach you something you don’t know that will make a difference, with an open mind you can make changes in the foundation of your belief systems that are limiting your ability to accomplish your goals.
Take a look for example at what others are doing in your field that are showing statistics that can be supported by your own research.
Think for yourself doesn’t mean shut off the input or new sources of information.
I have the privilege of being connected to some that are doing things differently.
I wish for you the same thing.
Stop the thinking that limits your own growth, because the truth is that what you know got you where you are.
If that is not exactly where you want to be then you should look at doing things differently.


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