Wisdom, politics and the pursuit of greatness. Allegory of the cave.

Real wisdom cannot be attained from observing the shadows on the wall of a cave.

The world is crying for real help, and enough brave souls to turn from the illusions, to the reality of ego based dogma as an excuse to create more division among us.

Who will have the courage to stand in the face of such ignorance and cry foul?

We are allowing Ego and greed to destroy the planet, to kill innocents, and all because we have this over powering need to be right, seeing the world as; us and them, This is an illusion.

A global effort to practice tolerance, needs to be adopted. Leadership that point fingers and says, "It's all their fault!" are no better than Hitler or Stalin killing people because they wore glasses. Fear based government is insanity, and the place the world looks for help with insanity are the worst illusionists, a well medicated compliant society is not a world that I want to live in but here it is and we are responsible for creating it.

Start by looking at your own interactions with others.

How much pride do you get from being right, at the expense of others?

Ego, and pride are killing us and most of us don't even see it.

Of course you're reaction is, "Well, He's not talking about me." That's part of the problem. The only change you can be certain of takes place in the mirror. Ask yourself when was the last time you enjoyed being proven wrong? Did you enjoy the opportunity to learn, or was it a suffering of humiliation?

Stop blindly accepting "Everybody knows..." and look deeper. It may not be too late for you.

The ridiculous race for the pole position by the Republican Party in the US is a prime example, no one is talking about the adherence to the constitution or really helping anyone except their own agenda. By the time any candidate reaches the vying position for office they are assaulted into a position of propitiation, saying whatever they are told by advisers the people want to hear. Thus begins a new puppet cycle.

These puppet candidates cannot effect real positive change from such a position, they are not wrong, or inferior, just defensive and need some space to make good decisions.

When prospective leaders point fingers as to who's at fault it should be a red flag to all of us.
This may not be the leader we need. Just another expert at deciphering the shadows on the cave wall.

So as the world watches in amazement at the insanity of group paranoia we will continue to lead ourselves blindly into extinction.

And we continue to pay our tithe to the religion of government, serving a god that only destroys. The high priest has his finger on the button that could destroy us all.


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