Value of Correct promotion and marketing.

So I started working with a company based in Phoenix that makes signs and banners and had a revelation.
It is a very cost effective way to get the word out that you are in business.
If you have a truck that you use every day and own a business, doesn't it just make sense to put vinyl lettering on your vehicle, that advertizes your business everywhere you go?
It's like having a website or twitter account that never links to your product.
Just makes sense.
I really like the fact that what I am doing with Campbell Sign co helps other businesses and promotes their company and products.
It feels good to do a service that is so obvious.
So let's get down to brass tax.
If you have a product or service you are trying to market then you need to:
First find your market, where they are and get into the flow of where they go, so they know you are there.
Make yourself known and be part of the value of the social network or community before you start hollering about what you want.
Then find out what is needed and wanted.
Then deliver exactly that which is needed and wanted regardless of your own considerations or justification.
That is key to not being seen as just another spammer.
Here is an example.
Let's say you make the very best chocolate chip cookie in the world.... You have won contests and have certificates to prove this etc.
But when you do a market survey, you find out that your market prefers oatmeal and peanut butter cookies.
If you still make the chocolate chip cookies and ignore the demand for the others you will fail to reach your business goal because you violated this basic formula.
It really is that simple.
Another example is a true story of a writer I know.
They have this huge volume of books and are making very few sales.
I told this person to make a few changes because after doing a survey and reading some of the reviews I saw some adjustments that could be made that would appeal to a broader audience and get more sales.
The response I got was a defensive assault about art and creative control etc.
Here is the bottom line.
If you fail to fulfill an existing demand that your market has then you will never get off the ground and your venture will always fail.
Their is no opinion or debate, just business.
If you follow this principal then you will start off toward success.
I had a similar experience with the Music U Night show.
We were going to do a multi-genre music show but all the producers would book was Metal.
I have nothing against metal and actually enjoyed the process very much, however I tried to get them to understand that there was very little market potential for advertisers and we needed to expand into other styles to get funding.
Another violation of the above and I am no longer working on that project because there is only so much one can do for free before the bills start coming in and you have to redirect you focus on some income.
I hope this helps you the reader understand that opinion is not important but perceived value comes to play in any business.
One must get as many to see they are in business and deliver a product that is in demand or there will be no business.
That is just the way it is.
I didn't write the rule I am just reporting.


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